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Sunday, October 24, 2021

New Hilaritas podcast


Episode Two of the new Hilaritas Press Podcast has been released. The topic this time is Wilhelm Reich. 

"In this episode, we chat with Dan Lowe about the life, work and ideas of Wilhelm Reich. Dan works as a counsellor, therapist and educator in London. He has been studying Reich since discovering him through Robert Anton Wilson over 25 years ago while at university. Dan’s clinical work as a therapist is heavily informed by relational therapy and Reich’s somatic therapy."

A couple of comments: The RSS feed doesn't work. Also, it would be nice if the podcast was searchable by any podcasting app (as many podcasts are.) I finally gave up trying to figure out how to make it work for my main podcasting app, Podkicker, and downloaded Podbean, one of the four apps the producers use. (The other options are Google, Spotify and TuneIn.) I have to admit Podbean looks pretty good in the early going, although I don't like being pushed to sign up for right wing podcasts. Let me choose, please. 

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