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Sunday, October 31, 2021

John Higgs on Claudia Boulton

The latest John Higgs newsletter just dropped and it includes John's tribute to Claudia Boulton.

Like many, I was hit hard this week by news of the death of Claudia Boulton. Claudia played Eris the Goddess of Chaos and Discord in the play of Cosmic Trigger - and pretty much in real life, also ....

All emotions are mixed, even something like grief. For all its weight, it is mixed up with the awareness that you had that person in your life, so it can never be 100% dark. The huge outpouring of love for Claudia I've been seeing these past days is a reminder of how much someone can impact on people, simply by being resolutely and unshakeably themselves. It's also been an illustration of how loss, just like life, is a communal experience. Much love to all who knew her. She taught us all that, when you get the cosmic joke, it never stops being funny.

Much more here, including more on Claudia, more on the new Higgs book about the Beatles and James Bond, and quite a bit on a new documentary about the KLF. 

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