Saturday, October 23, 2021

'Crawdaddy' is excommunicated

The famous but no longer existing rock music magazine Crawdaddy, founded by Paul Williams, was excommunicated in 1975 in a letter to the editor from the "Wrong Rev. Mordecai Malignatus," probably Robert Anton Wilson. The text of the letter is here, via Martin Wagner. It's a fairly recent Tweet I guess, as Twitter is telling me it was posted 23 hours ago.

Paul Williams, who died in 2013, also was Philip K. Dick's literary executor. I met him once years ago at a Readercon and was pleased when I spoke to him to find out he was a big fan of The Beatles' song, "Things We Said Today."  His final years were very sad, due to a brain injury suffered in a bicycle accident, but his life was interesting. 


supergee said...

The article accusing Bob Hope of being the secret head of the CIA was written by Thomas Disch & was extremely funny/

Martin Wagner said...

... and here it is: The Doomsday Machine