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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Schroedinger's convention

The Worldcon in New Zealand, scheduled to be held from July 29 to August 2, has announced that it will now hold its convention online.

"The strong belief that we can put on a great Worldcon has led us to the decision to make CoNZealand a virtual convention. Our Tech Division is confident they can deliver a virtual Worldcon and are excited about the possibilities," says the announcement. 

"We are standing by our decision not to cancel, but in consideration of the health, safety, and wellbeing of our members and crew, we think that holding a large face-to-face event, even if it were possible would be irresponsible."

"We hope to announce the new online membership rates for CoNZealand by 15 April. "

More at the announcement page.

Meanwhile, the planned big North American Science Fiction Convention in Columbus, Ohio on August 20-23,  where the Robert Anton Wilson Trust has applied to purchase tables in the dealer's room and where Gregory Arnott, Bobby Campbell and I had planned to organize programming devoted to RAW's work,  has become Schroedinger's Convention. It is in a state of uncertainty, both possibly alive and possibly dead at the same time, until we get closer in time and the convention announces a final decision.

"The Columbus 2020 NASFIC is in late August and there is still a strong possibility that it will happen. We are in regular contact with the hotel and authorities and we are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated as events occur," the convention says on its website. 

Many other SF conventions simply have been canceled. 

This is certainly an odd and an unfortunate situation. I had certainly hoped, when I began planning last year, to be heavily promoting the convention by  now.

Christina Pearson, Robert Anton Wilson's daughter and the trustee of the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, has been very supportive of our efforts. I am supposed to be her Virgil, her guide to the NASFiC and to SF conventions and SF fandom in general. I wish I knew what to tell her.

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Rarebit Fiend said...

Instead of Dante's Virgil it would be nice if you could become the magician Magister Virgilius from the Gesta Romanorum and alter reality.

Thanks Tom for all your hard work on the convention.