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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Come join the reading group!

As I wrote the other day, the new reading group for Nature's God starts Thursday.

If you are new to this blog, we have had a practice of reading Robert Anton Wilson's works together; whoever is leading the discussion will post a weekly blog article, and the rest of us weigh in with comments. The discussions, including the first two Historical Illuminatus books, are archived at the right side of this page. Our new reading group will be led by Gregory Arnott.

Rasa kindly created the above meme, and writes, "I’ve been lurking, but enjoying the readings a lot!!"

Thanks for your support Rasa, and for anyone else who writes comments or simply lurks.

We'll be using the Hilaritas Press edition, although you are welcome to use any. The Hilaritas Press version has fine new illustrations by Bobby Campbell. We start Thursday, with discussion of Eric Wagner's introduction, if you want to read ahead a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this.
Hopefully my copy arrives before Thursday.

DMS said...

Yeah, I‘m also really looking forward to thursday.
Thanks to everybody who‘s involved!