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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Robert Anton Wilson Fans site revamped

Mike Gathers, who has played a role in the invaluable Robert Anton Wilson Fans site for many years, has announced he is updating the site with new material.

The website, if you haven't visited it yet, is a large collection of RAW material, including a bibliography, a huge collection of interviews of RAW, essays and letters written by RAW, audio and video. It's a resource that's been around for many years. Wilson's penultimate book, Email to the Universe, is essentially a collection of highlights of material from the site. Much of the material at the site was gathered by Gathers, Michael Johnson, Eric Wagner, Dan Clore, Marc Lutter, Ted Hand and Jesse Walker; see Michael Johnson's intro to the Hilaritas Press edition of Email to the Universe for more information.

Mike Gathers, who has served as the site's host for several years now, saw my recent post about Robert Anton Wilson's MLA course syllabus for Illuminatus! and decided to use his quarantine time to update the site. Mike saved 7 syllabi from Wilson MLA courses and he has been posting them in a new Maybe Logic Academy section on his website.

Mike also plans to fix broken links at the site, add material found by Martin Wagner (often highlighted at this blog), add other new material and in general freshen up what is already a wonderful site for Wilson fans.

Please join me in thanking Mike for his efforts.

See also this related post by Bogus Magus (who made the Illuminatus! syllabus available.).


Eric Wagner said...

Thank you, Mike!

Oz Fritz said...

Much appreciation and gratitude to all those keeping RAW's legacy alive. Maybe logic and model agnosticism seems needed now more than ever.

Rarebit Fiend said...

Very impressive! Thank you to Mr Gathers!

cloudbolts said...

Thanks for gathering it in and laying it out Mr Gathers - good work says Claudia aka ERIS _ Cosmic Trigger PLay UK