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Monday, April 6, 2020

Oz Fritz on 'An Occult Response to Crisis'

Oz Fritz  has a blog post up, 'An Occult Response to Crisis,' which draws on Aleister Crowley, RAW's The Widow's Son and Ishtar Rising and Alejandro Jodorowsky to respond to the current health crisis.

At one point, Oz writes that as a response to the "current death crisis," Ishtar Rising seems "very well timed."

Which reminds me there is a passage in Ishtar Rising about dealing with mortality that I really liked:

An anonymous Greek, 1200 years earlier [e.g. about 250 AD], put the same message in slightly different and even more memorable words on his very tombstone to instruct the future in bold wisdom:

             Nothing to clutch in life
             Nothing to fear in death

There is no way of arguing against this ancient Mediterranean sanity, any more than you can argue with an April breeze. Those who feel it are immediately bucked up, and all your words of gloom and sin will not bring them down again. As the Egyptian Pharaoh Khati said, 2000 years earlier than even the anonymous Greek tombstone, "A man's heaven is his own good spirits."

(From the "Introduction to the 1973 Edition)

The saying on the tombstone also sounds Buddhist to me.

1 comment:

Oz Fritz said...

Brilliant quote from Ishtar Rising, thank-you, Tom! I like the "April breeze" coincidence with the current month. More evidence about the timely release of this valuable publication.