Sunday, April 26, 2020

Try the Beethoven quiz

Here is something for RAW fans who are into Beethoven: A quiz to test your knowledge of Beethoven, from the Guardian.

I only got six out of 15 right, not a top score. I've read a few books on Beethoven, and one of my wrong answers came straight out of a biography, so I guess some facts about him are disputed.

I guess we'll see how Eric Wagner does, but based on his study of Beethoven and his track record as a Jeopardy champ,  I'm sure he'll leave me in the dust.

Thanks to Nick Helweg-Larsen for the tip and to Ted Hand for the above screen shot from Facebook.


Eric Wagner said...

I only got 8. Perhaps Beethoven met Mozart.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

This is a striking comment from Eric, because that's one of the answers I got "wrong" too, and it's the answer I referenced in my post that I got from a reputable biography!

I feel better in any event.