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Monday, April 20, 2020

Back to Twin Peaks

Actress Sheryl Lee ("Laura Palmer," "Maddy Ferguson") in 1990 (Creative Commons photo.)

Inspired by Gregory Arnott's recent article, I have been immersing myself into Twin Peaks. I am re-watching the original series on Netflix, then I plan to rewatch the movie Fire Walk With Me, then finally I will watch the 2017 season three revival (which I have never seen.)

Gregory mentioned to me the other day that he was rewatching the third episode of the first season, and while I wouldn't expect everyone to join me in my new obsession, certainly that episode is worth your time. (It has the famous scene in which Agent Cooper meets a dwarf and a character resembling Laura Palmer in a dream. It is still an astonishing scene.)

One aspect of Twin Peaks I find striking is the large number of people associated with it who are mainly known for the show. Where would Kyle MacLachlan be without Twin Peaks? Or composer Angelo Badamenti?


Manic The Doodler said...

I would love to do the same but where can you watch the newest season? Netflix doesn't have it yet... Maybe they will soon...

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

When I went to the "Just Watch" website, I couldn't find any cheap options, either. Maybe something will become available soon; if I have to, I'll just buy it.

Eric Wagner said...

I think Showtime and/or Hulu have season three. I suspect they both offer free trials. I got a free trial to Hulu a few years ago and watched the first few episodes of season three.

Kyle MacLachlan would probably have a certain amount of fame due to "Blue Velvet" even if he hadn't become Agent Cooper.

Eric Wagner said...