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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

New Joyce book goes on sale

A few days ago, I posted about a new book on James Joyce, Joyce and Geometry by Ciaran McMorran. "Providing evidence to confirm much that has largely been speculation, Joyce and Geometry reveals the full extent to which the modernist writer James Joyce was influenced by the radical theories of non-Euclidean geometry," says the publisher's blurb.

I posted about it because I thought it sounded like a book Robert Anton Wilson would have enjoyed but noted that the hardcover costs $80. 

The marketing manager for the University Press of Florida, Rachel Doll, tells me that if you act fast, you can grab the book for $35.

"We do from time to time offer discounts on hardcover books priced for the library market, to make them more affordable for individuals. We are currently offering a discount on this book in connection with the annual meeting of the Modern Language Association. You can order here: and use code MLA20 for a discount price of $35, valid through 3/7. Feel feel free to share the discount code and end date with the readers of your blog," Doll wrote in an email.

I asked if there's going to be a paperback or an ebook and Doll replied, "We typically release paperback editions a few years after the release of the hardcover edition, but it depends on the sales of the hardcover.

"A digital version of the book will be available through most academic libraries."

Here is my earlier post, with a longer description of the book.

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