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Saturday, February 15, 2020

More news from Hilaritas

QTR from Bad Trip Designs on Vimeo. See third item below. This is the first I've heard of this guy's videos and it's quite exciting. The video says simply that it is based on writings of Robert Anton Wilson, but much of it seems taken from the exercizes for chapter one of Prometheus Rising. 

(Rasa, from the newsletter announcing the new edition of Ishtar Rising):

~ This is huge news: The Illuminatus! Trilogy is coming to television! Hivemind, the production company behind The Expanse and Witcher, is partnering with writer-director Brian Taylor (Crank, Happy!) and the European production company Kallisti to adapt The Illuminatus! Trilogy. This has been a secret project that we've been so eager to blab about! Also part of the Kallisti team is Scott McPherson, cover designer for Hilaritas Press books. We're very optimistic!

~ Tom Jackson (of, along with Bobby Campbell and Gregory Arnott, what I think we are now calling the East of the Rockies Cabal (from our perspective in the West), will be commanding a RAW Trust table at the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) in Columbus, Ohio this coming August. They will be representing the RAW Trust and Hilaritas Press and will be offering other goodies to be announced . . .

~ We had a great meeting with young film-maker Pat Bird of Bad Trip Designs (, discussing the development of short video clips to introduce RAW titles. We're looking forward to what comes of this new connection. You may have already seen this first short video:

~ Bobby Campbell has a friend who runs a Coffee Roasting business, and Bobby's idea is to design a number of special RAW-themed Coffee blends. He's thinking of waking up in the morning and brewing a cup of "Cosmic Trigger!" We'll keep you posted on his progress!

~ RAW Translations!
Coming out this year at various times, there will be a:
- Russian translation of Schrödinger's Cat Trilogy
- Bulgarian translation of Quantum Psychology
- Italian translation of Sex, Drugs, & Magick

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Unknown said...

This is all so exciting. Maybe I'll try to come to Columbus! Any news on the timing of the next book release?