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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday links

Julian Assange's cat.

Philosopher Agnes Callard on "51 Tips For a Successful Life." I emailed and asked if the censored sex tips are available privately and she said no.

Gene Wolfe has died. You can read my 2015 interview. 

Special edition of Erik Davis' upcoming High Weirdness.

Free course on Dante's Divine Comedy.   Thinking of reading the translation the professor recommends and listening to this as a podcast.

David Brion Davis was an important scholar on conspiracy theories. Says Jesse Walker.

Wikileaks confirms safety of Julian Assange's cat.

Ilhan Omar and the "outrage exhibitionists."

51 Tips For a Successful Life

1 comment:

Rarebit Fiend said...

Sorry to hear about Wolfe this week. Adie loves him and I know you like him too. I still need to read the Urth novels.

We might take the Divine Comedy ourselves! It looks fascinating. It's always a good sign when they put a lot of stock on translation.