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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday links

Image of the Sacred Chao. Source. 

13 books that every hippie owned. 

Butterfly Language's five favorite weird, strange and esoteric books.

Psychedelic Salon podcast on RAW. (Also on iTunes).

"Weed Week" at Reason. 

Bryan Caplan roundup on Governing Least by Dan Moller, a new book of libertarian philosophy. 

How to get free movies and TV shows if you can't afford cable or just want to save money.

I am still (mostly) a technological optimist, but that's not the received wisdom these days. 


Eric Wagner said...

I think I've read seven of those 13 hippie books.

You know, now that we have 22 Marvel movies, one could map them onto the two Major Arcana of the Tarot.
0 Hulk
I Dr. Strange
II Scarlet Witch
III Valkyrie
IV Black Panther
V Nick Fury
VI Tony Stark and Pepper
VII The Avengers Quinjet
VIII Nebula
IX The Venerable One
X The Box Office
XI Black Widow
XII Groot
XIII That Guy Who Gives Out the Soul Stone
XIV Gamora
XV Thanos
XVI Avengers Mansion
XVII Captain Marvel
XVIII Mantis
XIX Ant Man and Wasp
XX The Aeon of the Marvel Movie
XXI The Marvel Universe

Branka Tesla said...

Happy Weed Day/Month! On 420 Eve I went to Chabot Space & Science Center,  located in Oakland hills in sequoia forest, to attend a lecture The Botanical Genius of Cannabis by David Presti ( professor of neurobiology at UC Berkeley) One of the statements he made I found interesting: "If plants had IQ the cannabis would rank as a genius."

I have to admit, I do not actually know how to get high on marijuana. I usually just fall asleep without experiencing the magic of altered consciousness. (I guess I fall unconscious.) Once I had a real bad trip by eating too much of a dark chocolate with weed. I felt heavy is if a ton of cement had fallen on me and my ability to put sentences together  slowed down tremendously. Even to say just yes or no was a huge effort, and of course, I though I was going to die.

The lecture at Chabot's Planetarium  followed by Pink Floyd's The wall and Dark Side of the Moon laser show which felt slightly psychedelic and I liked it.

Here is Presti's short piece on Leary in case anyone is interested: