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Saturday, December 22, 2018

The new John Higgs book, revealed by HIggs!

(I'll just quote the latest newsletter from one of my favorite British authors. The Management.)

(From the publisher's blurb)

In the 1980s we gave up on the future. There's nothing ahead but economic collapse, environmental disaster and the zombie apocalypse - or so we tell ourselves. But what if we are wrong? What if this bleak outlook was a generational quirk that afflicted those raised in twentieth century, but which is already beginning to pass? What if we do have a future after all?

John Higgs takes us on a journey past the technological hype and headlines to discover why we shouldn’t trust science fiction, why nature is not as helpless as we assume and why purpose can never be automated. In the process, we will come to a better understanding of what lies ahead and how, despite everything – despite all the horrors and instability we face – we can imagine a better future, and we will build one.

(Addendum from Mr. Higgs)

That fella will be out 16 May so, er, look out!

Note also that, while it won't be for much longer, Watling Street is currently a steal at 99p on Kindle.

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