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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

RAW estate releases spiral ring replica

The Robert Anton Wilson Trust has announced that a replica of Robert Anton Wilson's spiral ring is now available, as a ring or as a pendant.

From the announcement:

Our silversmith in Rhode Island has given us a reasonable deal on reproducing exact replicas of Bob's sterling silver spiral ring, and we are ready to take orders! When you order online, you will tell us your ring size. If you don't know your ring size, we've included easy instructions on the order page for figuring that out. Each ring will be separately ordered as soon as you complete the online form. Please be patient. It will take some number of weeks for the ring to be finished, sent to us and then packaged for shipping. The first ring orders should be shipping out in January. The price for one ring is $123, the same as the price for the pendant.

Rasa models the pendant. 

Much more at the link, including other celebrity models (such as Martin Wagner), some mystery models, an excerpt from Cosmic Trigger II explaining the ring and a special message from Christina! 

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