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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Happy anniversary, NIck Herbert!

Nick Herbert (Creative Commons photo by Mr. Herbert)

Everyone's favorite hippie physicist (well, my favorite, anyway) has put up a long blog post celebrating the 10th anniversary of his Quantum Tantra blog. He writes,

During its life QTB has published 495 posts which have received more than 500,000 views. The blog is mainly a kind of diary of the major concerns and accomplishments of Nick Herbert and his alter ego Doctor Jabir 'abd al-Khaliq.

Nick's primary goal is to father a brand new physics (Quantum Tantra) which will connect us all with Nature in a more direct and intimate way. This quest has generated dozens of pages of quirky quantum tantric poetry but no concrete physical results as yet. But I continue to pursue this "impossible dream". 

His blog posts lists many of his most memorable blog posts, so it's a good way to get caught up. I couldn't find a link for my favorite, so here is a link to "Nick Meets the Galactic Telepaths."

Incidentally, Herbert studied physics at The Ohio State University. Robert Anton Wilson also once lives in Ohio and I live in Ohio now. 

1 comment:

Rasa said...

Certainly my favorite physicist! Nick (Dr. Jabir) writes wonderful poetry. I get regular infusions just to maintain my quantum humor.