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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Problems with spam

I am being routinely harassed with spam commercial messages posted on my blog entries, and deleting them one by one is laborious. I don't want to make my settings on Blogger more restrictive for posting comments — I want to make it easy for everyone to post, particularly with the launch of the Cosmic Trigger online reading group — but I'm also losing patience. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am trying to mark many of the obvious spam entries as "spam" and hoping that Google will start doing a better job of screening them, but I don't have endless amounts of time to delete the damn things.


michael said...

O! The irony!

So far I haven't been hit by this Indonesian spam, but I will receive email for every comment on my Blogger blog. I check it out, see it's obviously spam, so I:

1. Go to my blog
2. click Design
3. Go to Comments
4. Click "spam" and then "remove content"

It takes about 12 seconds. However, I don't know it removing the spam nullifies the marking it of as "spam"

Most of my spam occurs in comments for old moldy blog articles, not new ones.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

You can also make the stuff disappear by marking it as spam. I will try that a few times, and see if that works.