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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Graphic of Eight Circuit model of consciousness

Via Bobby Campbell's "New Trajectories" Tumblr, here is an artistic rendition of the Eight Circuit model of consciousness, which is discussed in Prometheus Rising, newly re-released by Hilaritas Press. I don't know much about the origin of this, but the attributions at the bottom of the graphic mention artist Blueflake and also Ultraculture. 


Chad N. said...

CT seems to present 5-8 as circuits that are a lot more advanced and out of reach for all but a few serious brain-change devotees. This poster seems to present 5-8 as "earthbound" circuits that we all already possess. Anyone else get that sense?

Is this for sale anywhere Bobby?

chas said...

This is pretty superficial for my taste.

Dirtydiscordia said...

Isn't this part of the new Chaos Magick guide currently running on Ultraculture?

I'm curious as to the deviation from RAW / TL's interpretation of circuits 5 through 8 as well. I think I preferred the original.

Then again, that's my reality tunnel. I always feel slightly awestruck imagining the possibilities of the higher circuits as described in Prometheus Rising or The Game of Life.