Tuesday, April 7, 2015

More Festival 23 news

Artwork for the new Festival 23 Twitter account. 

A date has been set for Festival 23, the planned festival for Chaotic & creative fun, music, poetry, song,  in the woods a weekend to submerge in all things #erisian."

The festival's organizer, Anwen Fryer Burrows, has set up a Twitter account to provide news about the festival, now announced for July 23, 2016 (e.g., Robert Anton Wilson Day). No further details, but she owns a shop in Sheffield, England.

Via the Twitter account, I now have a description of where it will be: "The site a top secret location north of Birmingham and south of Leeds and in a woodland easily accessible between m1 and m6."

UPDATE: They need help with an emblem, page banner and poster. More news soon on the festival.