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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mike Gunderloy the Discordian

Adam Gorightly has a new posting up on "Week 59 of Illuminatus! Group Reading: Semaj the Elder (Part 00002)" which mentions a mysterious Discordian Semaj the Elder and Semaj's plans to publish, along with Mike Gunderloy, a document called "Never Whistle While You're Pissing, Part II."

Oh my gosh, Mike Gunderloy! If you are a young weirdo reading this blog post, you may not appreciate how important Factsheet Five was. It was a huge catalog of zines, dating from the time when the zine scene exploded from science fiction fandom into the world at large. I used to send off for some of the zines listed there (and some of the other stuff, such as music tapes), and so did every other weirdo of a certain age.

Read Adam's entry, and please leave a comment if you have any information on Semaj the Elder.

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