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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Adam Gorightly on Week 52 of Illuminatus!

Louise Lacey, aka Lady L FAB. Is she only a Discordian, or also a member of the Illuminati? 

Adam Gorightly has very helpfully supported this blog's efforts to discuss Illuminatus! with a series of posts on the Discordian background of the work. Adam has written three books  on Discordianism and on Kerry Thornley and maintains a website on Discordian history and lore.  (All of Adam's posts on Discordianism and Illuminatus! are archived here.)

Adam has weighed in again with a new post explaining the origins of the Hassan i Sabbah X character in the book; he's mentioned in the section being discussed this week. The name first surfaces in an August 7, 1968, letter written by Kerry Thornley to Louise Lacey. Adam's post reproduces the letter and goes into detail about the "Bavarian Illuminati" at Cal Berkeley.


Unknown said...

I believe I picked up a Bavarian Illuminati membership card at the Laissez Faire Bookstore (run by Sharon Presley) before Illuminatus! came out.

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