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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas links

RAW on the pagan origins of Christmas.  (Re-run of a link I posted last year.)

A bit more on the pagan origins.

Salvador Dali's Christmas cards.

Ted Gioia's Top 100 albums of 2013 (in case you are looking for something to spend your gift certificate on,  or you want to take my advice on using your library cards to legally acquire free music.) (Ohio libraries are required to issue a card to any state resident who requests one. I have cards for three nearby libraries, allowing me to download nine Freegal tracks each week.)

About the Gioia list, Tyler Cowen writes, "Ted understands the acoustical nature of music, and the creation of alternative sound worlds, better than any other music critic I read. " And via Tyler, here is a playlist for the Gioia list.

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