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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday links

John Higgs on moon Bibles. 

Michael Johnson discusses Big Data.

Oz Fritz on Thomas Pynchon.

Radley Balko (important journalist on the war on drugs, death penalty, racist justice etc. etc.) has a new job. 

Adam Gorightly's interview with Louise Lacey, "Early Discordian Goddess." Includes "fond remembrances of Robert Anton Wilson." I haven't had a chance to listen to it it yet. 

The left wing magazines that complain about low wages at Wal-Mart often don't pay their own workers anything at all. 

A hidden compartment in your car is illegal in Ohio. 


fuzzbuddy said...

I think John Higgs might be on something stronger than Moon Bibles, don't they look a little like something else?

michael said...

Oh GAWD do I envy Charles Davis of Vice for showing up all those Left-liberal magazines! This article should go "viral" except I suspect the Right-conservative mags are doing the same?

Mono Cane!

AND: Thanks for the bump, Tom.