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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Latest news from Daisy Campbell [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Daisy has decided she doesn't want to discourage donations after all, so please disregard the below. Latest news will be posted Dec. 17 or 18 -- The Mgt.

Daisy Eris Campbell, busy with her plans to stage Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger, is temporarily asking people to hold onto their would-be donations and support the official funding drive, due to launch next year. She explains (after I asked if Yanks can donate $23 instead of 23 pounds),

"I'm asking all would-be donators to hold fire now until we launch the official crowd funding campaign in the new year, as we want to make sure that goes with a bang.

"When that does go live there will be an option to donate both £23 (about $36) and $23 (about £13) and plenty more for flusher RAW fans! The rewards will differ accordingly... "

I'll update with news as it becomes available.

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