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Friday, December 13, 2013

Join the German Apple Front!

Yes, the colors are reminiscent of a former German political party, now fortunately in decline. But you are looking at members of the German Apple Front, a German political movement that satirizes extreme right-wing groups.

Here are of the principles of the Front Deutscher Apfel, translated by Google:

1 No alienation of the German fruit stand more! In the past, purely German fruit again and again contaminated by the grafting of alien species. Stop it!

2 Tropical fruits out! There can not be that German children grow up with bananas and oranges and do not appreciate the nutritional value of a good German apple or a pure juicy pear. Therefore: close borders for foreign fruit!

3 Way with rotten windfalls! Among our German trees hangs more and more rotten windfalls around. Whether it hung formerly in German trees, it must be supplied to the national community finally a useful purpose. Power windfalls to a pulp!

I don't know if these folks have any interest in golden apples, but I noticed that the Wikipedia article refers readers to the article on Discordianism. The Boskop apple, the preferred apple of the movement, is sometimes a golden color. The group's official salutation, "Boskop Heil!", may be translated as, "May the Boskop (apple) be with you!"

Here is a sentence I liked in another article about the group: " The Apfelfront is now demanding infiltration by a government spy, saying that it will give the organisation credibility."

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fuzzbuddy said...

Awesome. The German Apple Core :)