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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Michael Johnson on RAW's "Tale of the Tribe"

In the post for the last section of the Coincidance discussion group, I admitted that I didn't know what Robert Anton Wilson was talking about in the last sentence of the book when he referred to "a centering process which I hope the reader has by now grasped intuitively since it cannot be expressed symbolically." I didn't grasp "intuitively" what the centering process was. I didn't grasp it at all.

Michael Johnson, as part of his new posting on "Robert Anton Wilson's Tale of the Tribe: Scrying for Shards," offers an apparent explanation:

RAW, in discussing Bruno, puts in bold print:
Bruno's universe, infinite in both space and time, has no "real" or absolute center, since wherever you cut a slice out of infinity, infinity remains. Thus every place an observer stands becomes a relative center for that observer. -p.205, TSOG
You're at the center, right where you are sitting now.

"Tale of the Tribe" is the book project that RAW discussed at the end of TSOG but never completed. Michael has a good discussion about it and links to this site, which I think is a kind of syllabus for Steve Fly Agaric's Maybe Logic Academy course (somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.) See also the discussion thread on TofT that Steve started years ago at the Maybe Logic Academy forum (h/t Eric Wagner for pointing it out to me.)


fuzzbuddy said...

Excellent piece me thinking on ToTT again, and how I need to re-read "E-Mail To Univere".

michael said...

Thanks, fuzzbuddy. And thanks yet again for the nod, Tom.