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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Latest upgrades

George Dorn Screams

I've added a couple of links to the Quantum Psychology Online Study Group links on the right side of the page; as a kind of introduction, meditation teacher Caroline Contillo's piece on how reading Quantum Psychology helped her overcome depression.  And as a kind of afterword, Klaus Pieter van der Tempel's article on Quantum Psychology. 

I've also added a couple of things to the "Musical Tributes to RAW" page, most notably a music video by the band George Dorn Screams, a Polish band. I agree with Drew Zi -- they're a good band. They've put out several albums, but all I could find on Amazon was one overpriced album. Nothing on Amazon MP3, nothing on iTunes, nothing at Emusic. Thank heavens they've averted the possibility that somebody watching their videos on YouTube might want to actually buy their music. That would be selling out!

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