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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

RIP Vernor Vinge [UPDATED]

Vernor Vinge

 Science fiction master Vernor Vinge died recently. Ted Hand wrote, on X, "RIP Vernor Vinge. The story that first comes to mind for me is 'True Names' a seminal document of cyberpunk that makes connections between the magical and hacker worldviews, as described in this essay by Erik Davis."

To which Erik Davis added, "Very sad to hear that. 'True Names' was one of the most important SF stories for me ever. Not sure if I would have written Techgnosis if it weren't confirmed by the imaginal connections Vinge made there."

Go to the first link for more about Vinge. Apparently there won't be an obituary in the New York Times, which is disappointing. UPDATE: They finally ran one. (As Jesse notes in the comments.)