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Monday, March 25, 2024

'Lion of Light' online reading group wraps up

The Lion of Light reading group at Jechidah wraps up with a final blog post, mostly written by Oz but a little bit by Gregory. The discussion includes the proposed alternative cover, above. 

Here's a quote from the piece:

"Another big attraction to Magick for me: it works when applied; sometimes much more than expected; sometimes shockingly so.  Simply expressing an intention puts things in motion. Coming into contact with Crowley's material presents the first obstacle or barrier –  wild stories and concern about the man himself. It's been said that he exaggerated any lurid stories about himself to amplify this bad reputation. It may have gotten out of hand; at times in his life he appeared to regret all the bad publicity coming his way. Getting hung up on Crowley's personality can effectively filter out anyone not ready for the material."

Another reading group at Lion of Light is planned this summer; the topic isn't selected yet. 


tony smyth said...

That really is an awful book cover. Great way to turn people off the book.

Oz Fritz said...

Thanks for posting this Tom and for all your support.

Eric Wagner said...

I love that cover.