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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Thursday links

Martin Rev and Alan Vega of the band Suicide. Creative Commons photo. 

Prop Anon interviews Martin Rev, from the band Suicide.   One of my favorite bands, The Cars, tried to help the duo back in the day. 

Podcast on Joseph Matheny's Ong's Hat. 

James Burt watches all of the Oscar "Best Picture" nominees and posts brief reviews. I must admit, I liked the "heavy handed literary satire" in American Fiction. 

Nabokov's literary judgments. 

The New York Times bestseller list is fake. The paper simply excludes books it doesn't like. 

Joe Biden's marijuana record. As in, he's done little. 

1 comment:

Spookah said...

Ric Ocasek of The Cars also produced Alan Vega's third solo album, Saturn Strip.
So you might want to check that one out.