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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Peakrill Press begins Kickstarter for 'True Clown Stories'

The folks at Peakrill Press have begun a Kickstarter for True Clown Stories, featuring stories by James Burt and others. As usual with Kickstarter, supporters can pledge various amounts of money and get various rewards. 

James Burt says, "My clown stories are about people who want to be entertaining. They want to bring people some innocent joy, but reality has thwarted them. These are stories about people who've devoted themselves to red noses and giant shoes but struggle to survive.

"I've been writing clown stories for years. These pieces are strange and intense, and I'm proud to share them. They might be about grubby, angry performers, but they are also about the world we all live in."

More here. 

Here is the website for Peakrill. 

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