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Friday, March 1, 2024

RAW Semantics on censorship and free expression

A new blog post at RAW Semantics is always interesting, and one that has just posted takes on a hot topic. "RAW restricted" features Robert Anton Wilson's views on censorship and how accusations of censorship can become a political tool in an era when few views actually are suppressed. Quite a few issues are explored; Brian has influenced my thinking. 

In the discussion of "shadow banning" on X, he mentions an incident in which the @RAWilson23 X account mentioned one of my blog posts and a reply post on X was for mysterious reasons was hidden from readers. As the RAW Semantics post remarks, "This was the only reply. It contains nothing offensive, but it got hidden. (The hidden tweet has a link to then US Democratic Party candidate Marianne Williamson – does this seem relevant? And would some folks cry “censorship” if RFK Jr got “shadow-banned” in this way?)." I had not noticed the whole odd incident. 

Anyway, interesting post, so join the discussion.  As per  usual, the illustrations are quite witty; I've nicked one for this post. 

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