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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Hilaritas podcast with Joseph Matheny, 'Reality Is What You Can Get Away With' released [IMPORTANT UPDATE]

The Hilaritas Press edition of Reality Is What You Can Get Away With has been released (I would expect the usual official announcement to arrive soon) and Joseph Matheny is the interview subject for the latest Hilaritas Press podcast, released today on the 23rd as per usual. (Hilaritas has not yet sent out the official publication announcement, but that should arrive soon, and of course I will cover it  here.) Update: Don't buy the paperback yet, see announcement below. 

Mr.  Matheny also has released a Substack newsletter issue with the news, so you may as well take a moment to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven't already. "I recently sat down with Mike Gathers for the Hilaritas Press Podcast to discuss the newest reissue of Robert Anton Wilson's book Reality Is What You Can Get Away With and why I have a personal connection to it," he explains. 

More soon, but I've already bought the book and I have the podcast posted above for your convenience, although it should be available wherever you get your podcasts. 

[UPDATE] Rasa says that while the ebook is fine, he suggests that people hold off buying the paperback for a few days. (I bought the Kindle, so apparently I'm fine). When Rasa says it is safe to buy the paperback, I will let you know here. 

Here is Rasa's statement:

Just a note about our new edition of Reality Is What You Can Get Away With

Currently the ebook, Kindle at Amazon, Nook at Barnes and Noble, Apple books, etc – these versions of the book are available and look great. The print edition is a different story. We were really hoping to get it ready before our podcast with Joe Matheny, but we ran into a bit of a snag that should be worked out in a few days, but we'd love people to not buy the paperback book from Amazon until the bug is worked out. 

Hilaritas Press uses Amazon's KDP to produce books for sale on Amazon, and we use Ingram to print books for all other outlets, including all brick and mortar stores. This book has a lot of dark graphics, and the proofs we got from Amazon's KDP just did not look good enough for us. The Ingram versions look fine, but as part of the process, Amazon puts up the book for sale even before we can view a proof! We decided that we didn't like the KDP versions of the book, and so we have deleted that book from our KDP account. Sadly, the Amazon page may still sell the KDP version for the next day or two before they switch over to the Ingram version. 

If you want the ebook, buy it now. It's fine. If you want the print edition, I'd say wait a few days until we are sure Amazon is selling our Ingram version. 

So sorry about this! We were going to get this together sooner, but Ingram made a mistake in one of the proof printings, and that kind of delayed the whole process. Usually we don't have these issues, but as I say, this book has a lot of graphics, and we really wanted to be sure that people were getting the best version that we could make! Our official announcements of new books come in our newsletter. As soon as you get the newsletter, you can be assured that the Ingram books are for sale on Amazon. 

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