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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Jesse Walker reviews 'Tripping on Utopia'

Jesse Walker's comments on Benjamin Breen's book, Tripping on Utopia, attracted some discussion in the comments for my recent blog post.  Jesse's review of the book has now become available at the Reason magazine website. 

I don't think the sole focus should be on Jesse's review, particularly as he is kinder about Tim Leary than other reviewers. Charlotte Shane's review for the New York Times is available here.   The book also was reviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books. (The headline for that review is "Timothy Leary Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.") Publisher's Weekly also reviewed it. 

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Oz Fritz said...

Thank you for posting links to these book reviews. I read them all with interest including the comments on the NY Times site. They show author Benjamin Breen going after Leary too. Character assassination seems his thing. I note that I'm not the only one with strong objections to this biased presentation. If I do get around to reading Tripping on Utopia it will be from a library or a second hand copy. I won't financially support this salacious, National Enquirer-like rendition of "history."