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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Erik Davis book release date pushed back


The release of Erik Davis' new book Blotter, has been pushed back about a month after a big screwup by the publisher, MIT Press, which misspelled his name as "Eric" on the spine of the book. 

The news is in the latest issue of Erik's Substack newsletter:

"I just got my hands on a physical copy of Blotter: the Untold Story of an Acid Medium. With the exception of a shocking fuck-up on MIT Press’s part — they misspelled my name on the spine — the thing looks and feels terrific. Unfortunately, in order to fix the fuck-up, the massive distributor that MIT uses is going to delay the official release date until late May. Grrrrr.

"Luckily, I will still have books available at my scheduled events. If you want a sneak peak regardless, you can head over to the Paris Review, which ran an excerpt and some images; the MIT Press Reader also just published a juicy chunk about the stealth packaging of some of the first blotter sheets. Some more short selections are on their way at other outfits."

The book was supposed to be out April 2; Amazon now lists an April 30 release date. 

Erik's book tour starts April 1 and continues during the month; see the newsletter for details. 

Also in the new issue, Erik writes about psychedelic music, including about Bardo Pond, a band I've been known to listen to. 

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Doctor Richard Waterloo said...

I'll be going to Chicago to attend Erik's event in Chicago on 4/28. Hope to meet a few other weirdos...