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Sunday, March 24, 2024

'Sex Magicians' update

At Hilaritas Press, work seems to be continuing on an official edition of The Sex Magicians. A note from Charles Faris on Twitter: "By the way, I just finished text editing the Sex Magicians, and if you think of it as the pulp porn version of Illuminatus! it just reveals the truth of the old dictum, as above so below. In other words, it’s pretty freaking awesome. And a quick, easy read!"

Wikipedia has some background on the book. 


Eric Wagner said...

Beware the Mana Vibe!

Eric Wagner said...

Oops “Mama Vibe.”

quackenbush said...

Interesting wiki write up, particularly the "which came first" question between TSM and I!. I will be the first to admit I'm sloppy with details, BUT if memory serves, TSM was either Bob's first book, or his first fiction book, but eitherway, my impression is that RAW wrote it prior to I!