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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New Erik Davis book and an April book tour

In my Erik Davis news roundup the other day, I managed to miss he has a new book out  and is about to embark on a new book tour. 

The new book is Blotter: The Untold Story of an Acid Medium, which Davis says is " is illustrated with over one hundred images drawn from Mark McCloud’s epic blotter archive." 

The book is out April 2, and Davis writes, "This pleases me, because while I dig all my books, I am particularly proud of this one. As an author, it’s pretty tough these days to stake out some unmarked territory in the landscape of psychedelic discourse, and the history and analysis of LSD blotter as both a carrier medium and an artistic medium is some fresh and funky ground. Blotter also gave me a rare opportunity to develop a conceptual apparatus to think about an entire print culture that only a few serious heads — notably Carlo McCormick — have heretofore bent their minds to. To top it off, it also may be my most entertaining book (though Led Zeppelin IV might be tough to beat)." He is hoping you will consider a preorder.

The April book tour takes Erik to an online appearance, and also to Berkeley, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Cambridge (in Massachusetts), New York City, Berlin, London and Amsterdam. Dates for the book tour, more on the book and more information about upcoming appearances can be found in a recent Substack newsletter. 

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Doctor Richard Waterloo said...

I'm trying to make the Chicago event on 4/28. Get in contact if you plan on attending. :)