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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Watch the Cosmic Trigger play slideshow

 A slideshow of images from Daisy Campbell's Cosmic Trigger play, while the "Eight Circuits Song" is sung. See the YouTube link for full credits, but a couple of snippets:

"All images are from the Cosmic Trigger Play and supporting events at Camp & Furnace in Liverpool and The Lost Theatre, London in November 2014 and The Cockpit Theatre in 2017."

"Music: Eight Circuits Song from the play (prison scene with RAW visiting Tim Leary), performed by Occult Hardware Labs ft Jethro Skinner & Oliver Senton (written by Rob Burnham, Fayann Smith and Daisy Campbell)"

The video was made to promote the Hilaritas Press book that published Daisy's play. Everyone should buy it and read it! Here is my review. 

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