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Saturday, January 6, 2024

New book of poetry by Steve Pratt

 POEMMXXIII is a new book of poetry by Steven James Pratt (e.g. "Steve Fly"), poems written during 2023. Here is the British Amazon link. For U.S. readers here is the American Amazon link. 

If you follow the links, you can read the introductory poem, which should give you an idea of the contents.

I've been reading the PDF Steve sent me. Here is a bit I liked (from "solstice 2023")

oh, great spirit forged in fire

unwound from these solar tree rings

let us not turn to stardust

just yet

Here is a list of Steve Pratt's other book titles, note the 2019 book about Robert Anton Wilson which should interest some of you. For more information on Steve's varied creative works, including his music, please see this website. 

The Spore Of The Words / Shenanigums Wave (2011)

FLY: Selected Poetry 2001-2017 (2017)

Cannabis Coffeeshop Journal (2018) Sounds Fly: Music Writing (2018)

Big Chief: Getting High With John Sinclair And The Fly (2018)

Silent But Dudley: Writings On The Black Country (2018)

Flyting: Selected Writing (2018)

Passport To Brexit: Poetry (2018)

Fly On The Tale Of The Tribe: A Rollercoaster Ride With Robert Anton Wilson (2019)

Fly Papers: Cannabis Writings 2018-2020 (2020)

2020: Squintin Quarantino (2020)

Deep Scratch: A Novel (2020)

Flyku: Poetry (2020)

Corona Slayer: Poetry (2021)

Prose Piracy: Selected Writing (2021)

New Growth: Selected Writings (2022)

Deep Scratch Remix (2023)

Amsterdam Cats: A Photo Book (2023)

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