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Friday, January 19, 2024

Check out Peakrill Press

King Arthur and Merlin bravely confront a terrifying kitten. 

Here is a publisher worth checking out: Peakrill Press, which puts out Discordian books and books that in general would be of interest to RAW fans; please check out the website, where you can get more information about publications such as Mycelium Parish News 2023 and The Lost Doctor Annual. There's an upcoming project called True Clown Stories.  It is by James Burt, and it is "a collection of abhorrent short stories about the real lives of clowns." 

Peakrill Press is owned and run by Dan Sumption, about whom I can provide this: "Dan Sumption is a writer, publisher and rambler based on a remote moor in the far North of England. Dan runs Peakrill Press, and his interests include everything."

Mr. Sumption has a nice piece up at his publishing site about some of the 80 books he read last year, including works by John Higgs and Robert K.G. Temple, and he also has a Substack newsletter, Mycoleum Mind.

I have mentioned some of Peakrill Press' publications on this blog, but this one was new to me: King Arthur vs. Devil Kitty, "a whimsical illustrated retelling of a 12th Century tale in which King Arthur battles a giant kitten."

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