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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Oz on Gregory on RAW on Crowley

The discussion of Lion of Light by Robert Anton Wilson continues at the Jechidah blog, and the latest entry is Oz Fritz writing about Gregory Arnott's afterword, "Enduring Magical Biography."

Oz writes, "This piece is my favorite non-Wilson essay in the book. It’s also the only one with a perspective from someone under 50." I won't try to summarize what Oz (and Gregory) wrote, the pieces cover a lot of ground, but they are interesting. 

When I re-read Gregory's piece, I marked this passage: "Crowley's spirit is woven into Illuminatus! in a way that it imbues the book with a sinister glory and provides the reader with a valuable practical instruction in magic, as brilliant a resource as Crowley's Liber E or Liber O, in "Appendix Lamed"."

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Eric Wagner said...

I find myself enjoying this reading group.