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Friday, January 5, 2024

More on RAW movie recommendations

Lillian Gish in the movie 'Intollerance'

If you enjoyed Wednesday's post about Robert Anton Wilson's movie recommendations, here are a couple of resources to consider.

Spookah noted in the comments that he's put together a website listing movies that RAW mentioned in his books and elsewhere. He's been updating it as he gets more information.

And here's a resource Spookah cites: RAW's 1998 list of his 100 favorite American movies, which I put up as a blog post in 2014. 


Doctor Richard Waterloo said...

I'm glad to see Mel Brooks on his list. It's a litmus test for me: I know we're gonna get along if you are a nut for silly/stupid comedy.

In fact, in some stoned state way back, I came up with a hypothesis involving Brooks:

Right now, both Dick Cheney and Mel Brooks are alive and we are in a state of heaven and hell on earth. Cheney is the closest embodiment of evil and Brooks is the closest embodiment of God (at least, the God I want to be real and in charge of reality). If Cheney dies first, then we will enter a golden age of global peace and humor. If Mel dies first, we are left with more evil in the world than good, thus Hell on earth.

Eric Wagner said...

Cool resource.