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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Hilaritas releases Scott Apel podcast

The Hilaritas podcast this month features writer D. Scott Apel, Robert Anton Wilson's old friend. Apel was also the person who handled the actual publishing behind RAW's "Trajectories" newsletter. Here's the blurb: "In this episode, Mike Gathers chats with Scott Apel – writer, movie lover, and long time friend of RAW. Scott was the original editor and publisher of the new Hilaritas Press release of Chaos and Beyond: The Best of Trajectories. Scott also created Beyond Chaos and Beyond, which Scott describes in this episode."

I plan to listen to this today. 


Bobby Campbell said...

I got to hang out with D. Scott Apel at the RAW Meme-orial, he is a hoot!

Actually, I got to hand out w/ Mike Gathers there as well, and he is also a delight!

So unsurprisingly this is an especially great episode :)))

Oz Fritz said...

Excellent interview with all kinds of wonderful Bob Wilson stories!

Eric Wagner said...

I really enjoyed both of Scott's "Chaos and Beyond" books as well as his Phil Dick book. I also enjoyed his talk at Bob Wilson's memorial.