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Monday, January 29, 2024

A good 1986 interview with Arlen and Robert Wilson

The above is an excellent interview, dating to 1986 in Ireland but only posted a few weeks ago on YouTube, apparently by Martin Wagner. It is noteworthy for including Arlen Wilson, and is  nicely timed for the release of the Hilaritas Press edition of Chaos and Beyond, which has some of Arlen Wilson's writing.

The video was called to my attention by Oz Fritz, who writes, "I saw this amazing video with RAW and Arlen shot in their home in Ireland in 1986. It's the first footage I've ever seen of Arlen and it reveals a dynamic with their marriage. In some ways she's the opposite of RAW. It's mostly her for the first 20 minutes then RAW joins in. Lots of great stuff - he talks about what's behind Prometheus Rising; they talk about Bob Geldolf and Live Aid, E.J. Gold and much more. The interviewer, Faustin Bray (a friend of a friend) asks some really good questions toward the end."

There are also a couple of nice bits that shed light on Illuminatus! And Arlen says that she stopped reading RAW's books in manuscript and waits for them to be published because he is sensitive to feedback. And you also hear discussion about a quote from one of RAW's books that offended Arlen, although RAW defends it. 

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chad said...

its also in sealer's video archives with several other seemingly unreleased raw vids