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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Big sale at Peakrill Press

 This just in: Peakrill Press, mentioned in yesterday's blog post, is holding a January sale. Prices are 20% off when you buy two or more books or zines.

Or use MYC10 for a 10% discount at the Peakrill Press shop. 

Dan Sumption is literally snowed in, so you can cheer him up if you buy something. 

I can certainly recommend the Mycelium Parish News 2023. James Burt kindly sent me a copy. It's a handsome zine with a great deal of information about Discordian news, events, publications, podcasts and music. As John Higgs wrote, "It’s a yearly compendium of books, events, podcasts, interviews, music etc that originated from, or is of interest to, the Discordian-adjacent counterculture. If you’ve missed any great stuff, basically, you’ll find it listed here." It's £2.30. but if you grab it now, you can take advantage of the discount.

One  nice feature of the Mycelium Parish News 2023, and an example of the care that Sumption and Burt put into the publication: For each of the items that is online, the URL is listed, but the zine also lists an easy to type URL using the URL shortener This blog, for example, is available at "" is not really a very long URL, but in many cases, this is a real convenience.

I like to think I cover a lot of ground this blog, but when I finish this post, I'll be signing up for a couple of email newsletters I've missed. There's quite a bit in the zine I did not know about; the Discordian/RAW fandom movement is doing a lot. 

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Doctor Richard Waterloo said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I got the Mycelium 2023 and the book on how to draw trees.