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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Wednesday links


Science fiction writer Octavia Butler autographs a book for a fan. (Creative Commons photo, source).

Guns and dope: Prosecutions for possessing a drug while using drugs are rare, but if you are unlucky you can end up in prison for years. No four years in prison for Joe Biden's son so far. Here is a related piece. 

Prohibition helps Mexican drug cartels. 

Street named after Octavia Butler. 

Ong's Hat podcast. 

Good Jesse Walker piece on the rise of cable news. 

Michael Swanwick "best of" now $3 on Kindle. Deal may not last long. 

From my Substack: My favorite classical  music blog, and a live Shostakovich recording to download. 


chad said...

Prohibition also helps American drug cartels.

Eric Wagner said...

Your Shostakovich piece put me in a real Shostakovich mood. After listening to Violin Concerto 1, I listened to Cello Concerto 1, Symphony 14, and Symphony 9. I started listening to Symphony 15 (my favorite). I have three more Shostakovich CD's to listen to over the next few days.