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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

'Lion of Light' reading group? [UPDATED]

A suggestion from Spookah in a comment to Sunday's post: "Just a suggestion, but what about a Lion of Light reading group? Many around here could weigh in and bring some much appreciated depth of clarification."

What say the rest of you? This does seem like a good idea, but I would prefer such a reading group to be led by somebody other than me, any volunteers? I will write to a couple of the usual suspects. 

UPDATED: I'm getting a good response to this idea. Announcement coming soon. 


Lvx15 said...

Good idea. I can definitely contribute a somewhat initiated and also snarky view. Back in the 90s I was a 5=6 in Hyatt's TOGD (really David Cherubim's). If not for RAW I would not have joined that gang, or moved to California for that matter.

And I know the periodic table!

Eric Wagner said...

The reading group sounds like a good idea.

Spookah said...

Thank you Tom.
Perhaps Gregory Arnott would feel more comfortable hosting it, time permitting?

Mostly unrelated, but might be of interest to some, today was announced an upcoming BluRay/DVD of the collected films of the KLF, along with three teasers on their YT channel.
The footage of them burning a million pounds does not seem to be included, though.

Ron Hogan said...

Pity that KLF Blu-Ray seems to be limited to Region B (Europe) at least so far.