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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Updated Higgs 'KLF' book released

The 10th anniversary edition of John Higgs' The KLF The Chaos, Magic and the Band Who Burned a Million Pounds has been released. (I'm pretty sure this is a UK release without a U.S. release, but I've linked to a website that says, "Includes delivery to the United States.") This is the edition that includes updated material in footnotes. It's also the book by John that talks the most about Robert Anton Wilson. It's a really interesting, offbeat book, here is my old interview with John about it. About the new edition, John previously explained, ""This will include 13,000 words of footnotes, in which I look back at the book a decade after writing it and try and make some sense of it." 

John has released his latest newsletter, which talks about the book and has related news. 

1 comment:

Spookah said...

That book found me at the right place and time, in my travels some years ago.
I was actually just finishing to read Illuminatus! when the J Higgs book on the KLF attracted my attention in a second hand bookstore, and I bought it because the RAW & Shea book was being heavily referenced in it. It gave me a broader context that really added depth to my reading of Illuminatus!, was a perfect complement to it, and together these two books pretty much started my life as a Discordian.

Like a gift that keeps on giving, more synchronicities followed over the years, including some just recently, seemingly following Maybe Day, and I ended up passing on my copy to someone I originally met the day I saw Bill Drummond publicly presenting his documentary Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And All Music Has Disappeared.

Perhaps I should now get a fresh copy and enjoy John's new material.