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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Arlen Riley Wilson's radio plays

In Cosmic Trigger 2: Down to Earth
, a book that's a big favorite of mine, Robert Anton Wilson writes (from the "She Was Raised In A Convent" chapter), "Sometime in the mid 1950s, when I was still working as an engineering aide, I discovered that radio drama was not dead -- at least on one New York FM station."

RAW relates that radio dramas were still being produced in England and the New York station rebroadcasted them. One of them was an Orson Welles series, The Lives of Harry Lime. "The Great Round One also occasionally wrote some of the scripts, but a stable of writers did most of the stories and, after a while, I began to notice that some of the yarns I liked best were attributed to one Arlen Riley."

The Wikipedia article on the show has useful background information (RAW gets some details wrong, and the series was a prequel to the 1949 movie The Third Man) and you can listen to all 52 episodes at the Internet Archive.  (You can download all of them too; the Archive says they are in the public domain.)

Jesse Walker has been digging into this and has identified "Blue Bride," one of the episodes you can listen to at the Internet Archive, as having been written by Arlen Riley. "She is identified as the author on this German-language site (with a different date and title, because Germany, but if you run it through Google Translate you'll see it is clearly the same story)," Jesse wrote to me.

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Bobby Campbell said...

RAW had a CD collection of The Lives of Harry Lime prominently displayed on a table in his living room when I met him :)))