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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

RAW Semantics releases hours of 'new' RAW audio [UPDATED]

The RAW Semantics blog announces the availability of audio recordings of Robert Anton Wilson, apparently not available anywhere else:

"Finally got around to digitising several hours of old RAW cassette tapes. Please check out the resulting MP3 files below. I’ve looked everywhere online to see if these talks/interviews have previously been uploaded (eg at or or Youtube. I also checked commercially available RAW recordings). As far as I can see, the digitised tapes below seem 'new' to the Internet (please let me know if I’ve overlooked anything)."

There are more details at the blog post and the comments are interesting. Note that you can stream the audio at the blog post, but you also can download the files for offline listening. 

UPDATE: Some of the audio has been removed -- see the comments -- but there's still a lot that most people likely have not heard. 


Oz Fritz said...

I left a comment at the RAW Semantics site. The E .J. Gold & Robert Anton Wilson talk Secrets of the Illuminati. should not have been posted there. I'm sure it was an honest mistake. It probably isn't easy to find in a search engine. I know about it because I digitized this talk about 10 - 15 years ago or so.

It is offered for purchase at:
Then scroll down to CDT053

There’s another RAW/Gold tape available for purchase called Secret Esoteric Teachings Within Star Wars CDT051

And a solo RAW talk: The Eight Selves Within Us CDT 052

These are all the length of 2 cds but are available as mp3 downloads for $12.95

Brian Dean said...

I don't see their comment appearing here yet (due to moderation delay), but I've been informed by 'highvelocitysound' that the "Secrets of the Illuminati" audio is available for purchase, so I've removed it.

As noted in my blog, I provided the second hour of that recording (the first hour having been available at both RAWFans sites).

Oz Fritz said...

I wasn't aware the first hour of Secrets of the Illuminati was available on other RAW fan sites and missed reading that in Brian's blog. Thank-you for bringing it to my attention. Ethically speaking, it should be removed from both those sites. I don't have the time or inclination to chase after this and hope the folks responsible will see this and remove it. I imagine they were also unaware of its commercial availability. I was glad Brian responded so promptly to remove the second hour from his site. As one of the thousands of music industry professionals whose livelihood was negatively impacted by illegal file sharing, I'm a little sensitive to these issues.

quackenbush said...

Hey Oz, Brian gave me the heads up. I have removed the content from my website and created a link to the commercially available material

I've notified Martin Wagner, who I believe owns the YouTube channel that currently has the first hour of the Secrets material. He does not appear to have it linked into his website.

Not to deflect, but I remember this material being commercially available years and years ago on cassette through EJ Gold's site, but at some point I checked the his website and couldn't find it. When Brian's tweet came out a couple days ago, I checked again. I found EJ's website confusing to navigate, at least for my purposes here. I put my best effort into it and still could not find the talk of the month material.

Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you so much Mike, for taking it down and creating the link. I'm that involved with Gold's marketing but will pass on the feedback to them. Much appreciated!